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The Commander Carpet Care “No Brainer” Carpet Care Plan

Love Your Home?

Want your home to be a clean and healthy place for your family?  The “No Brainer” carpet care program is for you!

This is a great way to have your carpet cleaned on a scheduled, REGULAR BASIS as opposed to the ‘hit or miss’ schedules some people choose. Regular cleaning is exactly what carpet manufacturer’s recommend (and some require per the warranty)!

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: The ‘No Brainer’ Carpet Care Plan is a one year plan that begins with your first cleaning by us. Six months later, the next cleaning is FREE (all you pay for is Carpet Protection). The final cleaning (FULL PRICE) would be on or around the anniversary of your initial cleaning by us.

BIG BONUS #1: You lock in your original pricing for as long as you continue in the program!

BIG BONUS #2: You get 1 FREE EMERGENCY Spot and Spill Certificate, good for 30 days!

BIG BONUS #3: You get the fifth Year Absolutely Free!

A Few Rules (They’re Simple):

  1. We offer this EVERY OTHER CLEANING FOR FREE to those who want us to clean at least every six months. Premium Carpet Protection is renewed each time.
  2. We will clean the areas that you signed up for but you must pay for the carpet protection at every cleaning.
  3. Also: We must clean the same areas that we originally cleaned for you. We will not move any furniture at your second, Free cleaning (but you can move any furniture you want). You can always add more areas.
  4. We offer these great savings because we expect that you will complete the program and have us return in six months to clean again, at regular price. We trust you as you trust us!

5 Reasons Our “No Brainer” Carpet Care Program Save You Time, Money and Aggravation:

  1. Greatly Improved Appearance LevelYou’ll never have to worry when friends and family visit unexpectedly. Planned, scheduled cleaning assures that being embarrassed over your carpet’s appearance will be a thing of the past. The “No Brainer” Program guarantees you won’t have to give it a second thought. It’s automatic!
  2. Carpeting Lasts LongerSince fiber-cutting grit is removed on a regular basis, your carpets will last longer and look better. Commander Carpet Care prolongs your carpet’s life by giving your carpet a deep-down cleaning every six months.
  3. Pre-scheduled MaintenanceWe know you have a hectic schedule…and you still have to care for your home. Our “No Brainer” Carpet Care Program just plain simplifies your life by having one less thing to worry about.
  4. Other “No Brainer” FeaturesBONUS: Free Carpet Spotter with FREE RefillsBONUS: FREE Emergency Spot and Spill Certificate, good for 30 Days!

    BONUS: Most importantly… Brighter, Fresher, Cleaner Carpets…. ALWAYS!

  5. Guaranteed ValueThe chart below (based on the example of our average 600 square feet) shows the average VALUE of our “No Brainer” Client, you receive two FREE cleanings which includes the protection in your 5th year.